The Doors - Light My Fire (color)
Malibu U, Aug 67'


niipz asked:

What have you learned from jim?

officialjimmorrison-deactivated answered:

To be myself without fear of what other people are going to think. To let myself go. To do what I want without fear of the consequences. To be absolutely wild. To have an open mind. To have a sense of humour. To have a broad imagination. To not be afraid to speak my own mind and beliefs even if they contradict those around me. To see beauty in things that don’t see beauty in themselves. To know there is no one I have to please but myself. That if I want to wear the same pair of pants every day for years on end, there’s no problem doing it. To be kind to everyone. That good manners are important. That even if what I want to do goes against my parent’s wishes, it doesn’t matter, because I’m not going to live to please them only to make myself miserable.